To my patients:

I am always striving to improve the service I provide for my patients and so if you have any comments, compliments or criticisms or if you would be kind enough to leave a testimonial to help inform future patients please use the Contact Form. Many thanks.

I was very happy with my consultation with Mr. Pringle. I felt I was in safe hands and confident that he could deal with my problem. I would not hesitate to have another appointment with Mr. Pringle. Many thanks.

CW, Dec 2016

Mr Pringle's analysis of my case and discussion of potential treatment inspires me with hope that my long running condition can be overcome.

DT, Nov 2016

I was very happy and confident with my consultation with Mr Pringle. Highly impressed. My partner was also impressed by the time given.

FB, Aug 2016

Mr Pringle was efficient, patient and thorough during my consultation. I was reassured by his quiet, matter of fact approach. I received a prompt response to an email enquiry and a further test was arranged swiftly and efficiently. I will respect Mr Pringle's advice regarding any further treatment I may require.

SH, Jul 2016

Mr Pringle's examination and explanation of my medical condition was very easy to understand and very reassuring. I left his consulting room feeling relieved and happy.

PD, Jul 2016

When I arrived I found him to be very pleasant man and understanding of my condition who talked me through a procedure he undertook there. I was treated very well there and Mr Pringle saw me before the op and talked me through it and then afterwards. I found the whole experience went extremely well and would be more than happy to recommend Mr Pringle to anyone.

PP, Jul 2016

Mr Pringle was all I could have hoped for in a consultant. Polite and thorough, he did not rush me and took time to explain everything. I have every confidence in his ability to provide a diagnosis and treatment for my health issue.

LL, Jun 2016

I was very impressed by Mr Pringle's professionalism and his ability to carry out an investigation on our first meeting, the latter was something I really valued as it ruled out a number of worries that I had in my mind.

DB, May 2016

I had a thorough consultation with Mr Pringle. He took time to explain to me what was wrong with my ear in great detail showing me an image of my ear through a microscope and drawing diagrams to simplify his explanations.

DM, May 2016

Mr Pringle made me feel entirely at ease and I felt that he recognised my symptoms immediately and acted promptly and efficiently to get me the treatment needed. He gave me time to ask questions and answered them knowledgeably.

MP, Apr 2016

I think some patients may feel a bit daunted about the thought of seeing private consultant but Mr Pringle was very down to earth and made me feel totally at ease.

JK, May 2015

My 2 year old daughter was completely at ease with Mr Pringle. He gave me time to explain her condition and gave me clear advice on the next course of action to take. Very happy mum.

HH, May 2015

I would be very happy to recommend Mr Pringle to anyone seeking advice or help in his specialist areas – a thoroughly professional consultant who listens and displays empathy for the patient.

RO, May 2015

Mr Pringle was clear and concise in his explanation, discussing different options and reaching conclusion. His manner was professional at all times and I felt the appointment to be worthwhile.

EC, May 2015

I chose Mr Pringle based on his description on his Spire overview. He seemed to have the speciality that I needed for my medical condition. He gave a clear diagnosis of what was happening and suggested what was required next. So far I have been very happy with the service I have received.

D, Apr 2015

Mr Mike Pringle was very efficient in clinic, seeing me 30 mins ahead of my appointment time. He effectively grasped the problem I was complaining of and following an examination helped me understand what treatments might be available to me.

TR, Apr 2015

Mr Pringle was very professional and made the process of his diagnosis very clear. He made us feel comfortable and went through the stages in detail and answered our questions thoroughly.

ST, Mar 2015

Mr Pringle listens carefully to what to had to say and quickly diagnosed the issue. I had been kept waiting for months on the NHS and Mr. Pringle resolved my issue during the first appointment with him. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

RD, Mar 2015

Mr Pringle was very relaxing and listened to everything I had to say, and indeed took all this on board, which in any medical situation it’s extremely refreshing.

JM, Mar 2015

A very thorough consultation where I felt I was listened to fully and felt reassured that all my questions has been answered,I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

KH, Mar 2015

An excellent consultant that comes highly recommended. I found him to be very attentive, keen to diagnose the problem and easy to talk to.

Mrs CM, Jan 2107

Approachable, friendly and put my very nervous daughter at ease. Explained the condition well with diagrams and gave us a timetable for future treatment. Thanks.

Mrs ED, Mar 2017

Mr Pringle was very reassuring and took time to listen. I felt confident when I left, that I had received the best advice.

Mrs JP, Jun 2017

Mr Pringle was able to help with a longstanding problem and give valuable advice and suggested treatment. I am now improving my condition and optimistic that I will have an end to this longstanding problem.

Mr AW, Jun 2017

Mr Pringle was able to diagnose and treat my hearing problem quickly and efficiently. I left the hospital feeling satisfied that everything possible was being done to help me.

Name withheld, Mar 2018

Mr Pringle was very professional and explained what could have caused my hearing issue in a clear and concise way and what the next steps for further analysis to determine the root cause of the issue.

Name withheld, April 2018

A massive relief to have a correct diagnosis after 10 years or more treatment. We are obviously concerned about the forthcoming treatment but grateful to finally see an end in sight.

ED, Mar 2017

Mr Pringle is very professional and honest and I have every confidence in his medical opinions. I have no problems recommending him.

Mr RC, May 2018

I felt my appointment with Mr Pringle went very well. He listened to my concerns, understood completely what I was saying, did a couple of tests on the spot and made me feel completely at ease. I would be happy to recommend Mr Pringle to family and friends.

Ms NS, May 2018

Mr Pringle was very professional and did a very thorough examination and gave me a clear and concise advice as to my condition and what should be done to deal with it, I felt very reassured.

Mr JE, Jun 2018

Mr Pringle was very friendly and my 3 year old daughter felt at ease. She sat and did exactly what he asked so we had a very positive appointment. We felt he was very thorough and didn’t hurry us. Would def recommend him.

Ms OT, July 2018

Very thorough and professional and I am delighted with the outcome.

Name withheld, July 2018

Mr Pringle was very honest and to the point about everything. He explained regarding costs as I am self funding.
I was very happy with the treatment I received and the care I was given

Mrs SB, Sept 2108

Mr Pringle is very patient and put me at ease. He is a good listener.

Name withheld, Sept 2018

Mr Pringle was very professional, polite, thorough and gave the necessary time to discuss any queries. Gave re-assurance to arrange an appointment in the future should there be any further issues.

Name withheld, Sept 2018

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