Out Patients


New Patient Consultation £195 – £210
Follow Up Consultation £85 – £100


Audiogram (hearing test) £50
Tympanogram £45
Audiogram and Tympanogram £65 – £95


Flexible Nasendoscopy £85 – £167*
Rigid Nasendoscopy £50
Ear Microsuction £50 – £90*
Silver Nitrate Cautery £75
Epley Manoeuvere £75
Grommet Insertion under local anaesthetic £600

*Why is there a range of prices?

The price may vary for a number of reasons: complexity, time, self funding (the lower price) or insured.

The price for insured patients will depend on the insurance company. Different insurance companies will have different arrangements for out patient and surgical fees.
When ear microsuction or flexible nasendoscopy are performed the Hospital will make an extra charge for provision and maintenance of the equipment

Prices for guidance only and subject to change without prior notice.

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