Ear Problems

Glue Ear

A grommet is a tiny hollow tube which is placed into the ear drum for a number of reasons the commonest being to treat a condition called Glue Ear. Grommet insertion is one of the commonest operations performed in the UK and can be very effective in improving hearing……

Glue Ear. Read more.

Bat Ears

Bat ears or prominent ears is where the ears poke out sideways rather than folding back inline with the head. It happens because one of the natural folds in the cartilage of the ear is missing. It can cause some people considerable distress. Children are often teased and some adults become very self conscious . The problem can be corrected with an operation…..

Bat Ears. Read more.


Exostoses are swellings of the bony part of the ear canal. This is the deep part of the ear canal just in front of the ear drum. They are often associated with people who do a lot of swimming or water sports such as surfing where the ear is frequently exposed to cold water…….

Exostoses. (more info soon)

Wax blockage.

Wax is normal. Every ear produces some wax. Wax is good it has a protective effect. The problems start when the ear produces too much wax or people try to clean their ears and push the wax deep into the ear canal…..

Wax blockage. Read more.

Ear infections.

Ear infections can be in the ear canal = OTITIS EXTERNA or in the middle ear space(behind the ear drum) = OTITIS MEDIA…….

Ear infections. Read more.

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