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This is the personal website of Mr Mike Pringle FRCS(ORL),
Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon,
Portsmouth, UK

I am an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon with a special interest in Ear conditions, especially the

The web site is written for the benefit of : my patients and their General Practitioners.

For any one else with an ear or hearing problem I hope you find the information useful and interesting but PLEASE do not make any treatment decisions based on the information in this website. You must discuss your individual circumstances with your own doctor.

If you have any comments or any general questions please use the
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Unfortunately I can not give advice about individual problems.

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The ear is a complicated structure and understanding some of the diseases which affect the ear and the different ear operations can be confusing. It is difficult to remember everything the doctor tells you in the out patient clinic and to my patients I'm sure you will forget some of the detailed explanations I give you in the clinic. This web site will allow you to go over those explanations in your own time.

If you are offered an operation it is important to understand what you are having done, why it is being done and the risks of the operation.
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Not one of my patients?…. PLEASE BE AWARE that there are often a number of different ways of treating a particular condition and your surgeon may suggest different treatments or perform the operations in a different way which may be just as valid as the treatments and operations described here.
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Everyone is different and treatments should always be individualised to the particular patient. What is written here may not apply directly to you. Please do make any medical decisions based on this website - ALWAYS discuss your individual circumstances with your doctor.
The contents of this web site are based on my experience, my opinions and my understanding of the literature.

DISCLAIMER - short version

General principles are described. They may not apply in your circumstances. Please do not make decisions about your own ENT problems based on information in this website - Always discuss your problem with your own doctor.

The content of this website should not in anyway be interpreted or perceived as medical advice given by Mr Pringle. Mr Pringle is only able to provide medical diagnosis and professional advice during consultations with patients.

Mr Pringle aims to provide correct information on this website but cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of all of the information contained in this website or for the consequences of any action taken by any individual on the basis of any information contained in this website. Always discuss your individual circumstances with your own Doctor.